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Brief Introduction on DTH Bit

Time:2019-07-16 Click:187

We have been very busy this week. We have sent out a lot of drill bits of different sizes and types. So what I'm going to share with you today is the drill bit from WORLDRILL.

As we all know, it is our drill bit that directly hits the rock, and its quality directly affects our efficiency.

Today let us get to know some knowledge about the dth bits.

一、Bit face shape

1Flat Face 

Applications : Hard and abrasive formations, all round.

Typical formations:  Granite, hard limestone, basalt.


Applications: Soft to medium hard rock, high penetration rate.

Typical formations : Limestone, hard limestone, shale, granite, basalt.


Applications: Medium hard to hard formations, less abrasive, fractured formations, excellent control over hole deviation.

Typical formations : Granite, basalt.


Applications : Special design with ballistic front buttons, medium hard to hard formations, fractured formations.

Typical formations :Granite, basalt.

二、Carbide button shape

1Round Button

Round Buttons are usually used as gauge buttons of DTH Bits, suitable for very abrasive and very hard formations.

2Parabolic Button

Parabolic Button are usually used as gauge buttons and front buttons of DTH Bits, suitable for medium abrasive and hard formation.

3Ballistic Button

Ballistic Button are usually used as front buttons of DTH Bits,suitable for medium abrasive and medium hard formations.They can also be used as gauge buttons if the rock is soft.

4Sharp Button

Sharp Button are usually used as front buttons of DTH bits for soft rock with high drilling speed and low rate of tooth breakage.

  5Flat Button

Flat Button are usually used as protection buttons to reduce wear on rubbing surfaces of DTH Bits.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the right product for you

Here are some pictures of the WORLDRILL's products  

  216MM -- 8inch DTH hammer bit

  6INCH DHD360 DTH hammer drill bit